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Clage CEX-U 11-13KW Doorstroomverwarmer
Afbeelding van Clage CEX-U 11-13KW Doorstroomverwarmer
Afbeelding van Clage CEX-U 11-13KW Doorstroomverwarmer
Afbeelding van Clage CEX-U 11-13KW Doorstroomverwarmer

Clage CEX-U 11-13KW Doorstroomverwarmer

Clage doorstroomverwarmer CEX-U 11~13KW (3fase) instelbaar in vermogen en temperatuur

Prijs € 369,-

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  • .Clage Flow Heater CEX-U 11~13KW (3-Phase): Adjustable Power and TemperatureSpecifications:
    • Model: Clage CEX-U 11~13KW (3-Phase)
    • Compact Size: 33x21x9cm
    • Adjustable Power and Temperature
    The Clage CEX-U Electronic Flow Heater: Space-Saving and CustomizableThe Clage CEX-U is an electronic flow heater designed for under-counter installation. Despite its compact dimensions (33x21x9cm), it packs a punch with a power range of 11~13KW, and what sets it apart is its adjustable power and temperature settings.Important Note: This flow heater requires a 3-phase+N power supply (L1/L2/L3/N/PE).Key Features:
    • Temperature Range: Capable of heating water from approximately 12°C inlet temperature to an outlet temperature of 50-60°C.
    • Pressure Resistant: Equipped with a safety limiter to ensure your safety.
    • Power Electronics: Utilizes power electronics to control the heating output.
    • User-Friendly Controls: Features two touch-sensitive foil buttons with LED indicators for temperature selection, ranging from 20°C to 60°C.
    • Flow Rate: Provides a flow rate of 2-5 liters per minute.
    • Water Connections: 1/2" water connections at the top for direct faucet hookup.
    • Safety Rating: IP 25.
    • Compact Design: Dimensions are 33x21x9cm.
    Also Suitable as a Booster Heater for Solar Boilers and Similar Systems!Additional Specifications:
    • Capacity L/min: 6.3 - at a delta-t of 25ºC
    • Capacity L/min: 7.7 - at a delta-t of 25ºC
    • Electrical Connection: 3-phase 16A (for 11KW), protected by a 20A/B circuit breaker (400V between phases)
    • Electrical Connection: 3-phase 20A (for 13KW), protected by a 20A/B circuit breaker (400V between phases)
    • Solar Compatible: Yes
    • Flow Heater Applications: Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, mobile spaces, and laundry rooms (note that it should be installed only in Zone 3 in designated wet areas).
    Upgrade your water heating experience with the Clage CEX-U 11~13KW (3-Phase) Flow Heater. Its compact design, adjustable settings, and compatibility with various applications make it a versatile and efficient choice for your hot water needs. Enjoy a steady supply of hot water tailored to your preferences.


EAN nummer8719638216036
Merk Clage
Wattage 13500 W
Afmetingen 11 x 18 x 30cm
Kleur Wit
Montage Wand
Garantie 2 jaar
IP-waarde IP
Besturing Boiler

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