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Clage MBH 3 Doorstroomverwarmer Hydraulisch
Afbeelding van Clage MBH 3 Doorstroomverwarmer Hydraulisch
Afbeelding van Clage MBH 3 Doorstroomverwarmer Hydraulisch

Clage MBH 3 Doorstroomverwarmer Hydraulisch

De V14 warmte mat is de best verkopende warmte mat in Nederland. De warmte mat leent zich voor verschillende doeleinden, zo zorgt deze uiteraard voor heerlijk warme voeten.

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Experience Cozy Comfort with the Adjustable Power and Timer Function of the V14 Heat Mat

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Power
  • Timer Function
  • Various Sizes
  • Available in Anthracite & Cream

The V14 Heat Mat: Your Go-To Solution for Ultimate Comfort

The V14 Heat Mat stands as the top-selling heat mat in the Netherlands, and for good reason. This versatile mat offers warmth and comfort for a range of purposes. Naturally, it keeps your feet toasty, ensuring you never suffer from cold feet again. But that's not all—it can also be placed against the backrest of your sofa for a warm and soothing experience. The mat is thoughtfully designed with complete stitching and features a detachable plug for easy cleaning. With the included controller, you have the power to adjust the heat output, allowing you to control the surface temperature. You can set it anywhere between a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 25 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the infrared heating element, this heat mat is not only comfortable but also energy-efficient.

Benefits of the V14 Heat Mat:

  • Comfortable, user-friendly, and highly effective
  • Say goodbye to cold feet or chilly backsides
  • Long-lasting performance with an infrared heating element
  • Easily adjustable power settings for personalized comfort

Available Sizes:

  • 40 x 50 cm: 85 Watts
  • 40 x 60 cm: 110 Watts
  • 50 x 70 cm: 145 Watts
  • 60 x 70 cm: 195 Watts

Please Note: Always ensure the heat mat is placed in an open area, and avoid putting any solid objects or loose shoes on it when it's in use to prevent overheating.

Important: Do not use the heat mat on vinyl or other heat-sensitive floor coverings.

Transform your daily relaxation routine with the V14 Heat Mat. Its adjustable power, timer function, and variety of sizes make it the perfect addition to your home for an all-encompassing warmth experience. Whether you need warmth for your feet or back, this mat has you covered.


EAN nummer6013751860872
Merk QH
Wattage 110w
Afmetingen 40 x 60 cm
Kleur Antraciet
Montage Vloer/bank/rugleuning
Garantie 2 jaar
IP-waarde IP
Besturing Thermostaat

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